What is so special about our bulls for sale this season?

This is a one off opportunity to secure an exclusive maternal bull. It will be hard to find this type of proposal elsewhere. Straws from these reference sires are rare. In the case of GDAR Traveler 71, there are no more straws available.

Given the rarity of the straws, we decided to produce a line of bulls for this season through embryo transfer (E.T)

Advantage of a maternal bull: Your future females will be sound with good milking ability. Fat cover will be under control. Shape will be elegant.

  1. Reference Sires: 10 sons by maternal sires in the USA: GDAR Traveler 71, Vermilion Dateline 7078 and Leachman Right time 2700.
    USA 71: 5 sons sell
    USA 7078: 2 sons sell
    USA 2700: 3 sons sell
  1. Checklist for these bulls: All bulls are Parent Verified. You know what you buy. All bulls are semen tested. Some turned out to be fertility champions. Old genetics are indeed proven good genetics.
    All bulls have been footscored by an independent assessor (Beefxcel). All bulls have been ear notched (all tested pesti negative). All bulls have had 7 in 1, Vibriosis, Flukazole, Selenium and Easy dose. If you buy, ask for the updated health record.
  1. What does your herd need: are you looking for a growth bull? In this case, the Vermilion Dateline sons are best. If you need a bull to serve cows and heifers, choose an allrounder. Sons by Leachman right time would be best. Do you want a heifer bull? Then sons of GDAR Traveler 71 have excellent calving ease and will be safe.
  2. The dams are of equal importance. Her profile makes up 50% of the bull’s genetics. The four key donors are “BZO41, BZO W73, BZO A19 and BZO Z8”.

W41 is the Dame of Q17. A force of nature, she landed at 45kg in 2001. Heavy and stayed heavy. Had her first progeny age 2. Dam of 14 progeny – mostly strong bulls. She reached 832 kgs as mature cow weight on grass. Footscored by Beefxcel 565565 or perfect feet. The structural assessor wrote “she is a top cow”.

W73 is the dam of Q2, Q4, Q9 and Q10. She was only 35kg at birth. First progeny at the age of 2. Legacy of performing daughters. She reached 824 kilos as mature cow weight on grass. Footscored by Beefxcel 666655 or very good feet.

A19 is the dam of Q5,Q12, Q13 and Q18. She was 38 kg at birth. A medium framed cow with longevity. Scored 666655 with top feet. Marbling and eye muscle levels were sensational. She transmitted her muscular structure to her progeny.

Z8 is the dam of Q8. She landed at 40 kg. As with A19, she is a muscular cow with high eye muscle. Her marbling is also high. Z8 had her first calf at the age of 2.2 and has left her mark on the herd with stunning daughters. Footscored 665655. Reached mature cow weight on grass of 700 kgs.

A maternal bull is essential

2021 Bulls for Sale

2 year old Angus Stud Bulls for sale by private treaty.  All from E.T.  All parent verified,  all semen tested,  all footscored.

Exclusive maternal bulls on offer sired by U.S Legends GDAR Traveler 71, Vermilion Dateline 7078 and Leachman RightTime 2700

BULL SIRE SIRE of DAM Description
BZO Q2 Vermilion Dateline 7078 BBA T56 son of 036 High calibor Growth and meternal bull sired by one of the most known bulls in America: Vermilion Dateline 7078. He is long and powerful. The Dam of Q2 is a top donor. Her sire is a son of 036 out of a dts by GT Max. Her dam is a daughter of Rito 2100 GDAR. Plenty of power and maternal genteics here. Use Q2 over second calvers or older cows. Good foot score. Passed semen test brilliantly.
Q4 Vermilion Dateline 7078 BBAT56 son of 036 Similar combination to above. Q4 is a flush brother of Q2. Note that the Dam of both had +76 for 600 days when the average of her contemporary was +58. W73 had +41 in carcass, average being +28.
Q5 GDAR Traveler 71 Future Direction 5321 Heifer bull and maternal bull. Good calving cases, low birth weight. Q5 is a milky bull with positive fat cover. Sire is the number 1 maternal bull in the US. Straws are no longer available. Dam of Q5: a strong, muscular daughter of Future Direction with OB45 as sire of her dam. Good semen test. Excellent footscore.
Q8 GDAR Traveler 71 Future Direction 5321 Milky maternal heifer bull with calving ease. Direct top 20% and fat cover RIB top 13% and P8 top 7% Dam (Z8) is a full sister to A19, dam of Q5. Note Z8 had a +95 for 600 days, average being +67, her carcass scored +54 av. being +34 and for EMA was +65 Av. being +1.2 for her contemporaries. Good footscore. Top semen.
Q9 Leachman Right Time 2700 BBAT56 son of 036 Elegant son by a proven Maternal sire. Leachman Right Time 2700 out of W73, our top donor uniting the bloodlines of 036, Gt Maximum and Rito – 2100 GDAR Q9 has ideal fat cover. Will serve his herd promptly. Netfeed Intake top 2%. Good semen test. Very good footscore. Allrounder
Q10 Leachman Right Time 2700 BBAT56 son of 036 Similar combination to above. Good set of feet. Good result at his semen test. Use as a maternal allrounder
Q12 GDAR Traveler 71 Future Direction 5321 Heifer bull with the same genetic combination as Q5. Dam A19 had a +19 had +49 for 600 days, average of contemporaries being +70, carcass +51 when the average was +30. This donor was a muscular cow: she scored +9.0 in eye muscle when the average was +1.4
Q13 GDAR Traveler 71 Future Direction 5321 Handsome heifer bull out of the same flush as Q5, Q12 and Q18. Compare them. Q13 passed footscore well. Produced an amazing 1.5 billion for his semen concentration.
Q17 Leachman Right Time 2700 BBAT56 son of 036 Heaviest bull in his mob on the day of his semen test which he passed with excellent results. Q17’s footscore is also exceptional. The figures indicate perfect fat cover, prompt in serving and a net feed intake in the top 3%, Q17 reminds me of his Dam: W41. Born 45kg> A big donor of 832kg on grass. Footscored by Beefxcel 565565. W41 was called a “top cow” by her scorer. Q17 is a growth and maternal bull aimed at second calvers or older cows.
Q18 GDAR Traveler 71 Future Direction 5321 Heifer bull with the same genetic make up as Q5, Q12 and Q13. Like his flush brothers, Q18 offers a low birthweight and a good calving Ease Direct figure +6.4 or top 23%. Q18 is a milky bull (top 27%) and he is Fat positive (RIB top 13%, P8 top 6%). Extra Information: the Dam of Q18, Q5, Q12 and Q13 was born 38kg. This Dam (A19) evolved into a medium framed muscular cow. Marbling level top 2%. Footscored many times with top results. Q18 passed his footscore well. On the day of his semen test, Q18 delivered a brilliant result.