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1: Before the auction

David Mitchell and Isaac Reilly ready.

Robyn greeting Clara Bateman

John Palmer - Landmark

Tim Lord, Thomas and Kim Sultana, ABS

Sandy Tait, Mrs Tait and Ingrid

Craig Holloway, David and their mother

Wendy Hunt, Jim Colquhon, Ingrid and Harry, Landmark

Robyn and Ken Simpson

2: Bidding time

Sandy Tait bidding

Gary Reidy and supporters

Simpsons clan smiling; "we've got K53!"

John Palmer, Landmark, Glenn and Carol Corkill, Wendy Hunt

Auctioneer Peter Godbolt, Landmark and Ingrid

Harry, Landmark taking a phone bid

Henry Ramage

Clara Bateman (on the right). Glenn and Carol Corkill, buyers of K57

Paul Cargill having secured K59

3: After the sale

The Simpsons with top priced bull K53

Ken Simpson

Ingrid talking to Steve Simpson and Jim Colquhon


After a week of pouring rain, the sun appeared and The Pines Pastoral kicked off their 4th Bull Sale with a top of $11,250.  This price was paid by Steve Simpson, Wylarah Pastoral, Exeter for The Pines Keynes K53, son of Poss Total Impact out of a daughter of GDAR Traveler 71.  Mr Simpson was clearly intent on adding Poss Total Impact sons to his operation and he purchased two more Impact sons (Kellerman K75 and Kitchner K67). 

Second highest priced bull at $9000 was The Pines K45, a son of Sitz Upward, buyer being Craig Holloway, Holloback Park, Berry.  K45 was light at birth yet displayed a carcass of +72 and an eye muscle of +7.

Bill Watson from Bowral secured two bulls:  a muscular son of Birthstone (K42) for $8250 and a curve bender by Thunderbird (K62) for $6750.

Among the discerning new buyers, Oliver Tait, Gunnong, Coolac selected a heifer bull by Birthstone,  a strong son by Vermilion Dateline 7078 and three powerful sons by Thunderbird.

Repeat buyers, the Stephenson brothers, representing Wicklow Properties, Roslyn focused on securing the top range heifer bulls of the sale.  Two sons of Birthstone and a son of Coleman Regis were their pick.  They also added two growth bulls respectively by Sitz Upward and Poss Total Impact.

In the high eye muscle group K44 was a stand out.  Rob Boughton, Berry paid $7500 for this son of Birthstone out of a Daughter by 338.

Peter Godbolt, Landmark Stud Stock Auctioneer and John Palmer, Landmark Livestock Moss Vale were very happy with the total clearance and the average of $6583.

Thank you to all our friends, neighbours, other cattle producers, buyers and past buyers!  Your support and kindness is very much appreciated. 



2016 CALF DROP....


L94 & L117

"I am L94 and I am 4.5 months old and my younger sister L117 is 2.5 months old.  Our common sire is The Pines Guillaume G49.  We have lots of sisters and brothers (L97 is one) and I am told that we will be 85 calves on the ground by the end of this season.  My dam is a big matron:  C42 while L117's dam is a beautiful heifer: J58."



"I am Leopold L97 and I am 4.5 months old.  My dam is very proud of me.  She is a daughter of A13, son of Future Direction with OB45 sire of his dam.  My sire is The Pines Guillaume G49, son of Te Mania Yorkshire.  I offer a low birth weight coupled with ideal calving ease.  I am planned as a heifer bull. and my dam said:  If you don't grow  too fat you could even become a star heifer bull admired by all the beautiful heifers. If you don't, you may end up with big old cows.  So I am listening."


L73 & G10

"I am Rito Fireplay L73.  My sire is Thunderbird and my dam is a first calf sired by a heifer bull Alfred A4 out of a daughter of Papa Equator (E3).  To those who say that a first calf cannot produce a strong and heavy daughter I suggest that they come and see me at weaning!  I have +66 in carcass and I think that I may be able to topple the scales ahead of the daughters of Reserve, Plattemere Weigh Up, Mentor, T.C. Franklin and Birthstone.  The way I see it my only challenger is L58.  She is a powerful and a beautiful black daughter of Timeless."



I am Linton L87 and I am 5 months old.  I am one of the big boys.  I entered the stage with a crashing 45 kg yet my birthweight is only +4.9.  I come with high growth of +114 and a carcass of +66.  My dam D25 is a big dam.  824 kg at the last weighing.  With her I get everything I want.  She is 7 years old and is not planning to retire.  Her dam reached 950 kg.  As for my sire - Thunderbird - he scores to this day +80 in carcass and +131 for 600 days.  When time comes, sure I can handle any group of big cows.  


L90 & J72

"My name is The Pines Elsa L90.  I was born at a modest 31 kg an ideal weight for my first calving dam - The Pines Elsa J72.  She is a powerful daughter of Bando 9074 out of a big cow (E76) sired by Hyline Right Time 338.  My maternal granddam is Z17, daughter of Future Direction.  As you can see my bloodlines are old and count the greatest names of the breed.  I too will grow into a worthy Elsa matron at some stage.  Just wait and see my progeny.  By the way I am in the top 3% for calving ease for my future daughters."


L115 & J67

"I am only 5 weeks old on the photo but my dam The Pines Delia J67 is in the top 3% for the ABI, Grain Fed & Grass Fed markets while domestic market hovers at top 5%.  If you want the details:  she scores +66 in carcass, +5.7 in eye muscle, +2.7 in IMF.  Calving ease wise top 4% for future daughters.  Days to calve top 3%.  My dam is worth gold!  Like my sister L90 I maybe a first calf but I know that I have the right gene pool.  If matched properly I could leave lots of interesting little Delias after me." 

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