Angus Cattle

The Pines Pastoral Herd of black angus cattle is located in beautiful countryside of the Southern Highlands.

This year we will begin our sale season by offering 15 stud bulls.  
They are A.I. sons of Compliment, Quaker Hill Dead Centre, Journey, T.C. Franklin, All In and Quaker Hill Rampage.
2 year old bulls ready to serve.  Please ask for pricing.  Our prices are between $4000 and $6000.
These bulls have been foot and structural assessed by an independent assessor.  All passed muster!!! Receiving excellent foot scores, very docile and ranked as muscular bulls!  All bulls are semen tested with a health record - including: 7 in 1, pestigard, vibrovax, flukosol and selenium.  
All are grass fed.
I would like to acknowledge our volume buyer of 2016 who recently won  "Grand Champion" for a pen of steers.  
Good genetics are a must!!  
We have a selection of bulls suitable for heifers and cows - come along and talk to us about what your herd needs.  Let us help.
We can propose a few helpful matches.
We  have cows/heifers PTIC for sale.   These are stud heifers sold as commercials.
For more information please ring Robyn 0418 200 138


angus cattle at the pines pastoral

The Pines Pastoral is a 700 acre anguscattle farm in the Southern Highlands. 700m above sea level. Cool climate. Lots of hills and valleys. A few creeks and waterfalls. Close to Sydney (1 1/2hrs) and Canberra (2 hrs).

  • In good times 400 head. Less in drought. 25ha under irrigation. Cattle are fed silage in winter.
  • Breed plan registration: BZO. The herd is HBR and APR. The farm is J BAS 6 and E.U. accredited.
  • Weighing at birth can be very difficult.  We try to weigh as many calves as possible.  All calves are tagged at birth. Vaccinations are done as every animal grows - on time.
  • We use embryo transfers and A.I.
  • We have 2 calving seasons.
  • All animals are weaned in yards. Good temperament is a must. We score temperament.


We specialise in producing maternal bulls.  Bulls that can sire an excellent female calf.  We sell preg. tested in calf (PTIC) heifers and cows.

We sell cows with calves at foot.  

Steers are sold at  7 months with weights in the range of 250 to 300kg. These are EU accredited.